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End-to-end B2B Checkout Platform for E-Commerce

aimed at seamless billing and payment process

Is Your Process for B2B Checkout Still a Manual Thing?

KASSA extends capabilities of E-Commerce businesses towards operations in B2B sector (sales to corporates & SMBs). We provide an easy and comprehensive solution to automate related processes.


Pay your bills just in one click


Integrate subscription-based
invoicing to your service

Legal Documents

Make payments and manage invoices
in full compliance with regulations


Get the required volume
of liquidity to pay invoices

B2C / B2B Invoicing

Issue or receive invoices from
contractors on a regular basis

Smooth Plug-In

We support many on-the-fly
integrations with E-Commerce systems

How It
Works Now


Issue an invoice (request company details, generate invoice, check and send it to the buyer via email)


Find the invoice in email (maybe Junk), Check and Pay the invoice (fill in the payment order for a wire transfer or pass it to accountants)


Check regularly if the money is on bank account (via internet-banking or some other system)

Some unforeseen difficulties

Debt analysis

Create bank statement and then check manually

How Business Will Work With KASSA

Automatic invoice generation and delivery via Communication Hub

Pay the invoice in one click right within the service

Check the payment in NO clicks via Visual Dashboard

Cross-Currency Operations

The invoicing and payment process supports flexible options, such as Fiat>Fiat and Crypto>Crypto operations. We plan to add Crypto>Fiat and Fiat>Crypto operations in the next release.

Pay and Get Paid in Cryptocurrency

The volume of crypto payments is growing every year. Link you blockchain transactions to a real deal with KASSA.


New customer sales on average


Higher order value on average


Reduction in transaction fees

As more consumers switch to spending their cryptocurrency, business will flow to crypto-accepting merchants.

Over the years of work in the financial sector, we realized that a well-built ecosystem is always behind a high-quality service. We know what tasks the business faces, how it tries to solve them, how much time it spends on it, and how all this can be simplified. That is why we created KASSA.

Alexander Arabey

CEO, Partner

Integration Landscape

We are focused on giving the best service in the field of B2B Checkout. The key aspect of this is that the platform is 100% ready for integration with ERP systems, accounting systems, E-Commerce systems, as well as with a whole set of Payment Providers.

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